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HD wallpapers of Kabali the next feature film of super star Rajinikanth. The movie is planed to be released on July 15 of 2016. Whatever let the story being Rajinikanth the hero of this movie its undoubtedly a super blockbuster hit. Already the Nerupuda song from this movie is catching real fire. In English Nerupuda means “Am a Ragging Fire”. The film features Rajinikanth , Radika Apte , Atta kathi Dinesh and John vijay and Kalaiarasan ( Madras famous) in Lead roles. Okay now lets move on to our fan collection of Kabali Movie.

Kabali Wallpapers


Kabali movie picture starring Rajinikanth as a gangster

Kabali is an upcoming Indian film, which is made in Tamil language and based on a gangster drama. The South-Indian superstar Rajnikanth is playing the title character in this film, which also has Winston Chao and Radhika Apte in the lead roles.

The storyline of the film reveals about an Indian Don’s connection with laborers, who are working in Malaysia. We generally habituate with the fact that behind the extravagant and grand infrastructure of places like Malaysia, Singapore lies the drudgery and hardship of Indian laborers, who basically work on the basis of contracts! Kabali film is all about these laborers and their possible connection with an Indian Don named Kabali. Depending on the latest report on this film, the character of Rajnikanth and is crew must have a strong social message concealed under the role of an Indian Don! The film not only demonstrates the professional journey of the Don but, it also reveals the personal fights of him, too!

According to the internal report, the character may be seen struggling for his daughter as well, who is a young drug addict. The role is played by the dusky beauty of the Tollywood industry Dhanshika. Radhika Apte, who will be seen to portraying the character of Kumudhavalli, will play the role of a garden worker.

As soon as the story reveals itself, we will see that Kabali runs a school for the kids which got affected in the gangster fight, ‘Kalaiyarasan’ acts as the teacher Tamilkumarn. During this fight, we will see how a young mass Dinesh, who is also the son of a gangster, gets impressed by Kabali and join his team to defeat other rivalry gangsters from Malaysia.

Kabali HD wallpapers and Pictures


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