I wish I had such ring 19 Green Lantern wallpaper backgrounds

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Green Lantern

Well almost all of us are in quite familiar with Green Lantern who is one of the most famous superheroes of the Justice League. As a matter of fact, a green lantern is basically a part of those heroes of who are assigned a part of the galaxy to be protected by the Guardians of the galaxy. The lanterns are given a ring that helps him to create objects out of the light from the ring from the imagination of the person who wears it. Hal Jordan is the one who is often depicted as the lantern.

Green Lantern wallpaper backgrounds

Its RKO Viper 11 HD Randy Orton wallpaper backgrounds

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Randy Orton

Well, this famous wrestler needs no formal introduction. Yes, you got that right. It is Randy Orton indeed. His full name is Randall Keith Orton and in short Randy Orton.  He is a professional wrestler as well as an actor. He has starred in several films recently. Being of the age of 36, Randy Orton is famous among people of all ages who are great fans of wrestling especially WWE. Here, you can get in touch with a huge variety of pictures as well as wallpapers of Randy Orton and actually choose and download the best among them.

Randy Orton Wallpaper backgrounds

Cool and Romantic 23 Winter season wallpaper backgrounds

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Winter season wallpaper

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Winter season

The season of winter is the coldest season that comes in a year. This particular season comes in between the seasons of spring as well as autumn. Due to the tilt of the axis of the Earth, the part of the Earth that receives slanting rays of the sun experiences this particular season at the particular time of the year. During this season, the leaves of the plants and trees dry and die and fall down. Our skin too becomes rough as well as dry. It is during this particular season that most regions of the Earth get heavy snowfall especially the hilly regions. Get to download the best pictures of winter season.

Winter Season wallpaper backgrounds

Little extra snow 15 HD Snowstorm wallpaper backgrounds

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Snow storm

Snow storms are basically such types of storms that are often accompanied with a huge amount of snowfall. Snow storms are very much common in certain countries that have a general cold weather. During a storm, the rain water freezes due to such low temperatures and as a result, fall down in the form of snow as well as sleet. Here, you can get to download a huge number of pictures that are based on snow storms. Often after a snow storm a very thick blanket of snow gets covered on the road as well as anything that is exposed.

Snowstorm wallpaper backgrounds


Mother nature untouched 26 HD Nature landscape wallpaper backgrounds

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Nature Landscape

Nature landscape is that particular landscape that is untouched and has the untouched as well as pure beauty of Mother Nature. The beauty of Mother Nature is so wonderful that it is extremely astonishing and such a beauty is what soothes the mind. However, in the modern world, due to human actions the beauty of Nature landscape often fades into oblivion. So, it is our sole duty to care for the nature as well as landscape. Get to download the best wallpapers on nature landscape right here.

Nature landscape wallpaper

Beautiful Korea 26 HD South Korea Wallpaper backgrounds

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South korea wallpapers

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South Korea

The republic of Korea is often referred to as South Korea and is a Sovereign state belonging to East Asia that consists of the Peninsula of Korea. The official language of South Korea is Korean and the capital of South Korea is Seoul. The most interesting fact is that South Korea is the country that has the highest median income in Asia. In the year 2016, the Numbeo NGO rated South Korea as the safest place in the World to stay in. However in the past, an invasion from North Korea in the year 1950 caused a war here. You can download the best pictures on South Korea.

South Korea wallpaper backgrounds

One Biggest National park 14 HD Yosemite wallpaper backgrounds

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Yosemite is a famous national park in the United States. Basically it covers a great part of the northern area of California. Well, to speak in a nutshell, it can be said that Yosemite national park is perhaps one of the largest as well as biggest national parks with a huge variety of flora as well as fauna. The total area covered by this national park is almost 747956 square kilometers. Well, a major part of the Yosemite region has a huge portion of rocks as well as remains of age old rocks. Yosemite has an elevation ranging from 2127 to 13114 feet. Download the excellent quality wallpapers of Yosemite.

Yosemite wallpaper backgrounds

Rock n roll King 16 HD Elvis Presley Wallpaper backgrounds

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Elvis Presley

Well, almost all of us are quite familiar with the name of the famous American singer as well as actor, by the name of Elvis Presley. He was born on the 8th of August, in the year 1935. The interesting part is that this famous singer is often referred to as the King. His music career began in the year 1954. Elvis Presley is one of the most influential singers as well as actors of his era. What is more interesting is that he was a master of all types of music, be it pop or blues. Now, you can download wallpapers on Presley right from here.

Elvis Presley Wallpaper backgrounds

Romantic Paris pictures 12 HD Paris Wallpaper backgrounds

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Paris is the capital and as a matter of fact is the most crowded city of France. Paris is situated on the banks of Seine River.  The City of Paris has a region of 105 km² & its populace is almost 2.3 million.

Paris was established long back in 200 BC by Celtic individuals. By the twelfth century, Paris was the biggest city in the western world, and the home of the University of Paris, one of the first in Europe. In the eighteenth century, it was the core stage for the French Revolution, and turned into an imperative focus of account, business, design, science, and expressions of the human experience, a position regardless it holds today.

Paris wallpaper backgrounds

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Icon of Australia 20 HD Sydney wallpaper backgrounds

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Sydney is actually the capital of New South Wales and the most crowded city in Australia and Oceania. Situated on Australia’s east drift, the city encompasses the world’s biggest regular harbor, and sprawls towards the Blue Mountains toward the west.

The Sydney region has now been occupied by indigenous Australians since the Upper Paleolithic period. The principal British pioneers touched base in 1788 to establish Sydney as a reformatory province, the main European settlement in Australia. Since the mid-nineteenth century, the city has changed from a provincial station into a noteworthy worldwide social and monetary focus.

The number of inhabitants in Sydney in the year 2011 was almost 4.39 million, 1.5 million of which were conceived abroad, speaking to a wide range of nationalities and making Sydney a standout amongst the most multicultural urban areas on the planet. There are more than 250 distinct dialects talked in Sydney and around 33% of inhabitants talk a dialect other than English at home.

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